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Shorea, or Meranti, is a wood that features extensively in our Shorea Lodge. An ode to David, the man who gave our dreams a life,  it is a homage to the craftsmanship and work that created and built this lodge. 


Like David, Shorea provides structure and remains strong and unique when exposed to changing environments. Shorea cannot be warped, it cannot be twisted - and like our Dave, is versatile and partial to some woodworking


Acacia, the iconic South African thorn bush, pays tribute to our Karoo family farm. The Acacia lodge is a homage to the icon that is our grandmother Barbara, who made all of our dreams possible, to begin with.


Like Barbara, Acacia’s are graceful in their reach, forming protective silhouettes for all that they shelter. Acacia is often used to remedy or counter soil erosion and drought and so, just like our Grandmother, they are rooted and dedicated.


Elegia, or Cape Thatch Reeds, are quintessential to the marshes and sands of Stanley Island and now that there is only one thatched house left, this represents the beginning of our journey. This journey is a dream not possible without the endless support of Dani, our mother, and so the Elegia Lodge is her ode. 


Like Elegia reeds, Dani nurtures and cares for those they shelter and is indigenous to the heart of our Island.

Each lodge is unique in it's own way. In order to build anything on Stanley Island requires great "logistic antics" since every brick, every nail and every log needs to come across on our ferry over the river.  Here is a short story behind each of our lodges name and where we came up with the new names whilst keeping the family roots intact.

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