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The Stanley Island fly-inn landing strip is a 1000m grass runway 40m wide and suitable for light aircraft up to 5400kg. Please be aware that the Keurbooms river is a nature reserve so keep circuits to a minimum. The bird sanctuary 4km south of the island is a prohibited area. In the early mornings, there is a localised katabatic wind that blows down the valley from the north. Our prevailing winds in summer are SE-SW. When approaching from the north on a left hand downwind you can come down the valley behind the houses on the ridge on the base leg. There is a slight wind shear when you reach treetop height in SE conditions. The runway is very bumpy for the first 300m on the threshold of 36 so try to land deep if approaching from the south.



S 34º00’24.5” E023º24’00.6” elevation 9ft

Please keep circuit flying to a minimum and throttle back for noise reduction as soon as it is safe to do so.

Please notify us by cell if you wish to stop by or book accommodation. We are now home to a family of Zebras so provide caution when landing, however a call before departure or a runway inspection generally moves them off the runway. 


Non Island Guests

+264 860 7958

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